Dipping for Dollars

Seneca's 13th Annual Polar Bear Dip

By: Meaghan Franchi

On March 6th 9 brave dippers took the plunge at Seneca Polytechnic’s 13th Annual Polar Bear Dip.

It was an afternoon of cold weather and even colder water.

As dipper Carman Dang said after her plunge “Its really great. Its very cold”.

Seneca’s Polar Bear Dip this year raised over $12,000 for the Campaign for Students endowed bursary.

432 Seneca students are going to be receiving the bursary this year because of all the support from the sponsors dippers and organizers of this incredible event.

The excitement in the air was contagious and the crowd turn out was great. Even Sammy Sting was there.

Spectators cheered on their favorite dippers and even though it was cold and rainy out it didn’t deter anyone from having an amazing time.

Seneca’s Polar Bear Dip this year was a huge success and the money raised is going to a very good cause, Seneca students.

It looked like so much fun that I might even take the plunge myself next year, if I am brave enough.

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