Patriotism at Nathan Philips Square

by Amol Malik

The Celebrate Toronto Festival at Nathan Philips Square to commemorate Toronto’s 185th anniversary kicked off windy and mildly cold but warmed up through the day. Hundreds of people showed up at the Nathan Philips square to “wish a happy birthday” to their beloved Toronto.

The festival offered food and interactive games to have a good time with your family. People enjoyed the delicacies ranging from the traditional poutine to beloved Chinese wonton soup from Toronto based Food Trucks. The festival also included a local vendor market, warming lounge, live music, skating, an on-site photo contest and the official mascot, “Remi the Raccoon.” Celebrate Toronto also be collected non-perishable food donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank

The festival saw a glimpse of patriotism from Torontonians on March 10th .  The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, the only Primary Reserve Unit in Canada tasked to have a Parachute Company was at the festival for a public outreach telling people about the battalion and encouraging them to be a part of the Canadian army.

Corporal Julian Alexander Doria from the regiment was delighted to spend time with the Torontonians and celebrate Toronto’s 185th anniversary with them.

These members of the Unit talked with people about the recruiting process and requirements. They also shared their personal experiences of being a part of the  Canadian Army as “the brotherhood and defending the country is the most important thing in the world” and “jumping out of planes is pretty cool as well”.

Dozens of people tried on the equipment, took pictures wearing it on and with the soldiers.

Doris also mentioned that its better that people talk and get to know the army as opposed to going on websites. It gives the army a chance to see the people they defend and the people understand the process and about the regiment better in person as opposed to going to website.

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