York Regional Police Implementing A New Policy

YRP putting a red light on impaired driving

By: Enrica Ammaturo

York Regional Police is rolling out a new policy that will post the names of people charged with impaired driving.

Courtesy: York Regional Police

York Regional Police Constable Andy Pattenden says that 16 drivers were charged this weekend and 27 criminal offences were served.

Impaired driving has reached a high of 1400 just this year.

York Regional Police will post weekly media releases with the names, ages, areas, and charges of people caught driving impaired.

Seneca students have mixed reactions.

One student said the policy will be effective in embarrassing impaired drivers, but also says that drivers will not be thinking about this policy when they are in an impaired state so it may not make much of a difference.

Another student says that York Regional Police will “bring more awareness” to curb impaired driving.

When we asked Pattenden if officers have noticed a difference on the road with the few days of implementing the policy, he said “it’s too soon for us to tell”.

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