Yoga for Success

By: Dhevin Indar

Ashley Mohan, a yoga instructor started following the path of yoga 10 years ago at 40 years of age. She started yoga at first going to classes at her local temple. From there she got involved in a yoga institution, the Isha foundation, practicing yoga on a daily basis. After doing a program called inner engineering it introduced yoga in a more in depth way to her. 

The Isha foundation offers advanced and beginner yoga. Mohan attended many yoga programs at the Isha foundation to further develop her body and mind. She recently visited the Isha Yoga center in India to take part in a yoga program. 

Mohan teaches Upa-Yoga which is a simple practice for beginners. The main purpose of this yoga is to relieve physical stress and tiredness and strengthen the joints and muscles. Anyone from the age of 7 and up can practice Upa-Yoga. Mohan finds that Upa-Yoga cleanses your mind and sharpens your intellect. Upa-Yoga has physical benefits such as keeping her body in shape. 

Mohan saw the benefits immediately by doing yoga. She wanted to do more and more yoga. She feels more calm, has improved sleep and thinks more clearly. Yoga has helped Mohan approach situations with more patience and understanding. 

“Once you experience the benefits of yoga you will not want to stop doing yoga” 

Mohan finds everyday life situations become simpler to handle such as acting on situations rather than reacting to situations. Mohan finds she is not angry at things she would be angry about before. Also, her tolerance level increased with doing yoga. She’s able to tolerate situations she could not before. Mohan learned to take responsibility for everything that happens in your personal life and around you. 

Mohan teaches yoga to seniors at a seniors home in Richmond Hill called Anand Bhavan. She also taught yoga at various local public libraries. The seniors enjoyed doing Upa-Yoga a lot since it was very simple and easy for them. The seniors use this practice in their daily morning routine. The audience at the libraries was a mixed crowd with adults and children, they also found Upa-Yoga very useful. 

The yoga classes start off with explanations of the benefits of yoga. Then detailed instructions of every posture with visual demonstrations showing how to do each pose. At the end of the session if participants are still finding it difficult they can ask for help to make their postures better. Participants usually leave the session satisfied and happy. 

Mohan wants to spread yoga across the world to more people. People don’t know the benefits until they try doing yoga. It’s an honor for Mohan to teach yoga because it’s a transformative tool and it feels very good to see people transform for the better. Yoga does not belong to any religion, it can be done by everyone and anyone. Mohan loves the connection that breathing and movement have and how she feels after practice. Light, peaceful and at the same time powerful. She wants to share that with everyone she meets. 

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