A Victim of Bully tells how many obstacles he has to face

By – Ishan Sohi

Gurlal is an international student who tells the story of how, during his adolescence, fate was not on his side. At the age of nine, he lost both his father and, later, his grandfather. In these situations, most people become isolated, so as does Gurlal, but he chooses to continue.

“I don’t experience a lot of shame, so if I can just be absolutely honest here and say what I’m thinking, I think it helps other people live like me and, you know, be more honest and live their truth and live in a more healthy way” says Gurlal Randhawa .“Bullying was a common occurrence for a skinny kid who didn’t know how to deal with it. Basketball is my Favourite sport” as gurlal mentions.

But he had no idea that coaches would reject him from the team. So he devised a method to vent his rage. The rage ignited the desire to go to the gym, and he says that Everyone began to notice gains in less than a year. Gurlal was proud of himself, and people wanted to talk to him about his transformation, which at some point mocked him by calling himself ‘slendar man, skinny stick‘ and other names.

“During my journey, one watershed moment occurred when I was preparing for a deadlift weightlifting competition and heard a crack in the back, which led me to hospitals” He said. The doctor told him he had to stop working out and go on bed rest for six months. But the spark of motivation kept him going.

Without even notifying his mother, he resumed working out after around two months, picking up weights at 5 kg instead of the 180 kg he had been using. “I returned to the track almost a full year later, after which I won prizes in competitions held at my local gym and my school” he added.

He is currently studying further and pursuing his passion for bodybuilding in Australia, where he also accomplishes amazing things .

“It will always get better, and the next day will be another chance to do better; you just have to remember that. Remember that things always get better. There are ups and downs” He adds.

During the first few days of the journey, he met another person at the gym who faced the same bullying because of his obesity which resulted in great transformation of both .

“I am mentoring younger students who share interests like me when I used to be a teenager and faved bully , I engage myself in and starts initiatives to combat bullying and promote a healthy lifestyle.” Said Randhawa .You can follow him on Instagram at @gurlal_randhawa_  to receive advice and nutrition recommendations.

An journal article of health and fitness shows There is an association between being of victim of bullying in relation to fitness .Bullying victimization was divided by subject matter experts into traditional (face-to-face) and online forms (cyberbullying). Achieving a high level of physical fitness is linked to a number of psychological health indicators, including reduced dyadic loneliness, higher perceptions of social and athletic ability, and improved adaptive functioning as assessed by teachers.

Most of the students tensed due to studies just eat junk food to feel good which in fact increase cortisol . Report from health line  Choosing the right kind of breakfast is crucial. Lean proteins with little saturated and trans fat are the healthiest protein choices. Reduce the quantity of processed and red meat you consume.

Get your macros and micros done right and spark the energy to do something remarkable in your life !

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