Why do you think people come to your pizza store instead of any franchise?

You are leaving the business after 27 years. How are you feeling specifically for your customer?

Why do you leaving this business?

How do you going to survive financially after leaving your only business


By Arif Ahmed



A family-run Italian pizza house, which has been serving the local community in Toronto since 1965. Frank’s Pizza One of the oldest pizza stores in Toronto owned by the famous Taverniti family. After 27 years of business, Frank’s Pizza is on sale now. Giorgio Taverniti has been running this business for the same length of time. But it’s time for him to let go of the family tradition. He wanted to continue but Giorgio has been suffering from a rare disease call glaucoma. A glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve.  He has been legally blind for the last few years and still continues the family legacy. But he cannot do it anymore. His specialist told him that he will be permanently blind very soon. He doesn’t have a choice in this situation. Still, he said, “I wish no one can come and buy my store.”

Giorgio is a pizza judge, professor, and a columnist. Local people are very saddened to hear the news. His store is very well-known in the community. Giorgio got many awards in his life. The latest award he got is the 2nd place winner at the 2018 Canadian Pizza Summit held in Toronto with the participants from all over Canadian Provinces. He is very proud of his achievements. Giorgio said, “Most of my customers are from the neighborhood".

Young George went to college to become a lawyer. But he cannot continue. For family tradition, he came back to the pizza business and quit his dream. “Now I am content that I am in my own business. I am a proud Italian that is running the family tradition.”  When Giorgio was 18 years old, he started this store. He learned from his mom who was his business partner. Last twenty-five years he was with his mom. She had cancer and died a few years ago. George was devastated and became alone. However, he was content that he spent most of his time with his mom. However, he continued to run the family legacy. He enjoys helping people. During COVID-19, he gives away free pizza to poor people. When did we ask why he is doing this? He just says, “To see the happiness in those people’s face”. He doesn’t want anything to return and just wish others to follow his path.


He is thinking about his kids. What will happen to him and his six kids after he leaves this business? He always thinks positive. He said, “I cannot show weakness in front of my kids.” Dr told him he will be blind very soon. Still, he is working 6 days a week 12 hours a day. Just to support his families.

After he leaves this business, he will continue to help the pizza industries in Canada. His passion is to help others. He feels very emotional for homeless people. He wants to work for them. He believes in hope. He mentioned that “I only have an eye problem but many people’s situations are worst than mine”. He is happy with what he has. We hope Giorgio will get better very soon.








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