What Makes Calisthenics So Convenient?

Creative Calisthenics

Calisthenic workouts can be the most fun, and convenient way of working out because you release endorphins (feel good hormones) while exercising. Weight and self image is something millions of people struggle with, dealing with these issues can seem impossible at times. Calisthenics are workouts you can do at home, the park, or in a gym because they use your own body weight to workout. This gives an individual who’s trying to workout, better flexibility when it comes to accommodating their busy schedule. Some examples of calisthenic workouts include; push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and if you’re capable… hand stands! More weight can always be added when you feel like you’re capable of handling it, things like heavy chains or weighted vests are great for this. Starting out, you may look at easier ways of completing these exercises and you can do that by following these simple steps!

Calisthenics started in ancient Greece, standing the test of time showing its benefits in people’s flexibility, strength, and coordination. Cross fit is a much newer trend that derives from calisthenics. This is mainly because of the ninja like workouts that trainers set up for them. While cross-fit training can be a fun way of working out, the price of joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer could be out of many peoples budgets. By watching videos of people doing calisthenics online, you can apply the same techniques and strategies when you work out. This will save you money and give you more privacy when starting out.

Home Workouts Are Fun And Easy!

Where can I find more info about training from home?

Youtube has some great accounts to follow and learn from, THENX is a channel that gives awesome tips for starting out, and how to continuously push yourself to more challenging exercises. A negative personal body image or anxiety, could cause someone to feel intimidated, while training in public. Exercising in the privacy of your own home is great way to build a more positive thought process. When you start feeling more confident, you can always try working out in the park or the gym, and you should find a community of supportive people.


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Fitness expert Yathavan Gopalakrishnan otherwise known as Yathy, praises calisthenics for his passion behind working out. Yathy manages a gym in Toronto, previously working in merchandise and processing before the pandemic. Being someone who’s always viewed himself as tough, Yathy’s physical appearance hasn’t always match that persona. Yathy credits his close friend Winston for initially getting him to the park to train and help transform his body, which has also created a more positive perspective in his mind. Yathy believes “The individuals I surround myself with now, are the people I want to become”. 

Are Calisthenics For Me?

Whether you’re training for sports, self image, mental health, or performance reasons, you will discover benefits from staying consistent with calisthenics. The main reason why this method of exercising actually works, is because of how dynamic you can make each exercise. Don’t feel like doing the same old pull-ups? Try using a different grip or assisted methods. Don’t feel like running the stairs or doing squats on steps? Go to a near by hill and run sprints. The training possibilities are endless and open to your imagination, so theres no excuse not to try it!

Calisthenics can improve your physical fitness, and your mental health. It’s the easiest way to get into working out, and the most fun. If you are, or know someone who’s struggling with mental or physical health issues, try introducing calisthenics as a solution. Having a friend with a similar health goal can be the best way of holding each other accountable, when it comes to your exercise.

Nothing changes overnight, so stay focused, stay committed, and always stay positive.


– Matt Marsden @The_Mars_Den

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