From Zero to Hero

Powerful Steve a Prominent Figure in the City of Brampton

Courtesy of Steve Kerr

By: Jonell Pantlitz

Tv host, Father, Husband, Actor, Author, Activist, Pastor, Life Coach and King of inspiration. Steve Kerr who goes by Powerful Steve is a man of many titles. Birthed in Jamaica and raised in Canada.

Courtesy of Steve Kerr

For the past three years, Steve has been working with and donating food to individuals living on the streets. He started buying water from local grocery stores and food from Tim Hortons which he takes to anyone in need and while there he sits and gives inspiration to anyone who would listen.

The initial idea to begin donating to homeless individuals came from a  segment of The Potter’s House with TD Jakes. After that segment according to Steve, “I look at my years in the ministry and I’m preaching on the pulpit for 25 years and I have little impact- so essentially I just shifted my platform – now I actually preach on the street corner of Brampton.”

Steve is now in the process of finalizing his Non-Profit Organization(NGO) called All One Mission (AIM). According to their press release, “this NGO envisions a resilient community of youths of Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous heritage that are thriving and prospering and contributing to the development of Canada.“With a mission to assist in the provision of food for homeless youth and low-income families and to also improve their food security. They will also be aiming to provide resources to at-risk youths and help youths facing mental unwellness etc.

Jason, one of the individuals Steve has helps said, “people have no idea of the goodness of this person and many turn a blind eye.” 

Currently, AIM is funded strictly through Steve without the help of any outside resources, he however says, “as more people know about what we’re doing I do believe that financial resources will come in.” He is currently in the process of finalizing the document to request financial aid from the Canadian government.

Steve is also the owner of Destiny Leader Academy which was established in 2018. “Destiny Leaders Academy is a business where I teach people, first of foremost, economic empowerment. I teach people about health and wellness, how to get involved with their community, and how to engage in the political arena, and then the last component is Ambassadorship,” Steve explained.

Courtesy of Steve Kerr

Intertwine with Destiney Leader Academy is where Steve brings his experience as a Life Coach into action. He teaches individuals how to discover their greatest skills and their passions. During his interview, Steve mentioned that he is passionate about helping people get from zero to hero. He followed up by saying, “it’s for you to discover your maximum potential and give you the opportunity to leave a legacy not only for yourself, not only for your children but for society in a hold.” 

In April 2020 Steve was presented with the status of Peace Ambassador accredited by The United Nations. Along with being a Certified Chaplain of the World of Life Ministry, Steve is also a published author of “Who Am I” and the co-author of four other books.

With everything that he has done some may ask what is his main goal here, “to liberate God’s people’s minds, body and soul- too many people cannot see God because they are in debt,” Steve explained.

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