A Voice for the Voiceless

Stacey Bowman receives a kiss from one of the llamas at Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario.

Turkeys, Pigs and Llamas - Oh My!

Stacey Bowman’s passion for animals brings her to Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario – a haven for creatures big and small. The facility is home to animals like pigs, llamas, and a turkey with attitude named Hector. Bowman runs the entire facility. Her tasks include feeding, cleaning, and keeping them hydrated. If one is sick, she tends to them until they recover.

“She’s like the mom to all of the animals,” says volunteer Jordan Priebe. “I don’t even know how this place would continue if she wasn’t here."

Since the founder of Wishing Well left in the summer, Bowman has taken on new responsibilities. She’s now in charge of social media and volunteer coordinating – all while being on the sanctuary’s Board of Directors.

Bowman says she doesn’t need a pat on the back; to her, advocating for animals is a calling. She says it is our collective responsibility as human beings to be a voice for the voiceless.

The animal advocate takes a strong stance against factory farming – a practice intended to cut costs and generate maximum profit. Animals kept in confined spaces often suffer from respiratory infections and other painful diseases. They are subject to tail docking, beak trimming, and castration without anesthesia.  An essay in the journal Animal Behavior and Cognition found that cows display learned fear responses to humans who have abused them in the past.

Through her work at Wishing Well, Bowman wants to shift the public perception away from viewing animals as a commodity. Her goal is to convey their beauty and vulnerability to those who take them for granted.

A Lifelong Animal Lover

Stacey Bowman grew up spending time with animals at her grandparents’ farm. That’s when she first felt a special connection. She knew she would dedicate her life to caring for animals like them.

Bowman vowed to become a vegetarian after viewing a VHS tape that displayed the gruesome reality of animal agriculture. She just recently celebrated thirty years of living meat-free and nine years of veganism.

Her first job was at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Barrie, Ontario. She would care for cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals. Bowman eventually found her way to Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, where she works today.

She is a vocal opponent of the animal agriculture industry and works to educate the public about the value of living beings.

Bowman loves leading activities at the farm where members of the community interact with the animals. She says this fosters physical and mental well-being, giving participants a chance to look animals in the eyes and form a bond.

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