U of T bans all smoking on campus. Should Seneca also?

The University of Toronto will ban all smoking on its campus as of January 1st next year. Meaning no smoking of tobacco, marijuana, vaping or combustibles of any kind. With U of T banning smoking, will other schools follow suit and bans combustibles as well? We talked to some Seneca students, smokers and non-smokers, to see what they would think of a campus wide ban of smoking.

After asking some students the results were split 50/50, half students for a smoking ban and the other half against. Oddly enough some students with cigarettes in hand were for a smoking ban, to encourage them to cut back and stop leaving classes for smoke breaks. Another point against the ban was designated smoking areas help isolate cigarette and smoking litter, keeping most butts and other leftovers in the designated smoking areas set by the school. People for the smoking ban biggest issue with campus smoking seemed to be having a lingering smell of smoke outside each exit whenever they are leaving or entering school.

Once the new year comes we will see how U of T’s campus handles the ban, maybe other schools will be following shortly or the ban may be short lived. With smoking being such an easy consumable it will be a hard rule to enforce.

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