Tito and the birds: an inspirational, and emotional marvel for kids and adults alike

by Kiavash Golzadeh

Tito and the Birds was one of the films displayed at this year’s Animation Arts Festival. It tells the story of a young boy named Tito (pictured above to the left), who lives in a world dictated by fear. Fear is what influences everyone’s judgement in this film, including Tito’s mother. Tito’s father wanted to teach his son otherwise. His father believed fear is the world’s biggest problem, and the only to defeat it was to overcome it.

(Source: Toronto Animation Arts Festival International)

In this world, fear makes you ill. An epidemic breaks out, where you transformed into oval shaped rocks. The only cure to this was a machine Tito’s father built, fueled with Song birds. These pigeons are free and rejected, just like Tito himself. He is bullied at school, and was laughed when he tried to recreate his father’s machine. His mother is overprotective, she wants what she believes is best for her son.

Tito is someone many can relate to, this is one of the two aspects that make the film a spectacle. The other one being overcoming your fear. The message of the film is that fear only has control over you if you allow it. It’s something that’s overlooked, even today. It also inspires you to think for yourself, because you catch fear from ideas. Ideas that others put in your head. Tito and the Birds is touching, entertaining, brilliant, and at times, funny. It is everything children’s films today should aspire to be.


Tito and the Birds

Directors: Gabriel Bitar, Andre Catolo, Gustavo Steinberg

Writers: Eduardo Benaim, Gustavo Steinberg

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