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by Vidhu

TikTok and Instagram are the biggest social media platforms. And to see which one is better than the other is a tricky situation.

Martin Waxman, Seneca’s leading digital, social media professor  and president of Martin Waxman Communications says, ”With so many social media channels, each with their own benefits and risks, it’s often challenging for marketers to choose which ones to be on. Ultimately, it depends on your customers and which platforms they are on. Whether you put more resources behind TikTok or Instagram—or use both—is a choice you make by learning about and understanding your audience, their behaviour and how you can provide content no one else does. Then it’s up to your brand create short, entertaining videos that stand out and engage”.

Now if we differentiate between both the social media platforms, there is not much difference. According to statista.com, the average number of views of the videos on both platforms does not differ much. Among the 60 profiles examined, Instagram Reels averaged about 11,000 more views than TikTok.  When it comes to users,  TikTok has one billion monthly active users worldwide, compared to Instagram, which has two billion monthly active users. Also on an average, the views of the Reels are 144 percent higher than the number of followers of the account, TikTok only come up with an increase of about 25 percent.

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However seven out of ten people we asked said that their preference was TikTok.  They gave several reasons why. Number one being Alissa Baker, a TikTok influencer who uses TikTok every single day and has a following of over 2000.

” It is so fun. Plus the challenges and the new ideas, new inspiration that I see on it and so I can recreate it and post it too, while on Instagram, I like Instagram too but it is just boring. I don’t really even use Instagram because you just see posts like pictures and if you go on to the feed, it’s just the same again and again every time.” said Baker.

While TikTok has an audience mainly made up of Gen Z users, Instagram is more popular among Millenials, according to the socialbee.io . TikTok is known for its raw content and its authenticity while Instagram has a more professional style. Its content is polished and classified.

Raveena Shah a user of both TikTok and Instagram said,” I am a follower not an influencer and I prefer Instagram more than TikTok because I believe you can more connections with people. Like I have my friends from school time. So it’s a great get-together with them on a social media platform. And also I just love to post my pictures and I don’t really love to make videos and post on TikTok, so I think Instagram is the best option for me.”

Be it TikTok or Instagram, social media id reaching everyone and everywhere. People are getting more and more options in their lives and more entertainment everyday. The youngsters are leaning towards TikTok but who knows what the future behold. Because Instagram is adding new features and new updated every now and then.

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