New video footage released revealing moments that led to ‘swarming’ assault of 2 TTC employees

By – Wafa Yunis

A new video footage has been released of the ‘swarming’ of two TTC employees by a group of young 10-15 boys on a bus near Kennedy and Merrian roads at Scarborough on Tuesday afternoon. Officers were called to the bus by around 3:30pm and arrived at the scene with special TTC constables.

The video reveals the the moments that led to the assault. The video obtained by CP24 shows a unifomed TTC employee getting off the bus and onto the sidewalk before echanging words with a teen. The employee then appears to shove the teen before the teen begins throwing in a few punches. Atleast two other teens are also seen pushing and shoving the TTC employee.

Another TTC employee is then later seen intervening the fight before the video cuts out.

The two employees who were on their way to Kenneday subway station when the incident took place were left with non-life threatening injuries. Both the victims were treated on the scene while the third employee, a bus driver was left traumatized by the incident according to the TTC.

TTC spokesperson, Stuart Green said that they were “shaken up” after the incident and the driver was left “emotionally impacted”

“At this point we are working with to police to pull video and get them any evidence we can as they investigate this despicable act. It is absolutely inexcusable,” said Green.

Mayor John Tory expressed his concern via a statement on Twitter saying “”I strongly believe this is something all governments have to work together to urgently address with social and mental health experts.”

2 of the suspects have been charged with one count of assault, while the other two have are facing two counts of assault.

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