Thousands of Tickets Issued During Toronto Police’s “Stay Focused, Stay Safe” Campaign

By Tyler Lander

A total of 5,200 tickets were handed out to motorists during the 10-day campaign of “Stay Focused, Stay Safe,” a road campaign by the Toronto Police.

Officers were in communities between November 5-14 to help educate drivers and other road users, such as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, about “The Big 4” – Speeding, Driving Aggressively, Driving While Distracted, and Driving While Impaired.

Due to the return of Standard Time and shorter days, the Toronto Police conducts the “Stay Focused, Stay Safe” campaign during this time. There is a historic 30 percent increase in pedestrian-involved collisions in the city in the weeks surrounding the time change.

More than 2,600 tickets were issues for speeding. Aggressive drivers received just over 1,200 while distracted drivers received 192. A category listed as other has over 1,100 issued.

In addition to the charges that have already been pressed, 37 stunt related infraction charges were laid. If charged with stunt driving, an automatic 30-day license suspension is given. The vehicle is also impounded for 14 days. To see the risks, penalties and why it’s dangerous stunt driving click here.

In a news release by the Toronto Police on November 4th states that “Forty-nine people have died on Toronto’s roads this year to date, 21 of whom where pedestrians”.  A small list of safety includes, giving yourself extra time to get to where you need to be, driving within the speed limit, and being aware of your surroundings.

Toronto police urges drivers not to get distracted while driving, part of the “Stay Focused, Stay Safe” campaign. Distracted drivers received the lowest amount of tickets, but receive the biggest penalties as they are a hazard on the road. Distracted drivers can face upwards of a $3,000 fine on their third offence and have their license suspended for 30 days.

There were also 38 impaired related arrests during the campaign, which is a criminal offence. This results in an immediate 90-day license suspension and a 7-day impoundment for the vehicle. A third or more offences within 10 years can lead to 120-day imprisonment and an indefinite license suspension. To learn more about impairment behind the wheel, click here.

Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan focuses on collisions on the road and how they are inevitable, but how fatal collisions are preventable. The goal is zero injuries or deaths on the roads of the city.

The Toronto police say “Changing behaviour through education, engagement, and enforcement are key to reducing serious collisions. Road safety is a shared responsibility.”

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