Sting Start the Season with a Sweep Against Colts

By: Ari Glazas



The Seneca Sting Men’s Volleyball Team picked up a win against Centennial College on Thursday. It was a clean sweep,  3 sets to 0. The Sting started with a bang taking the first set 25 to 12. The Sting constantly put pressure on the Colts.

The Sting’s Richard Housen Jr shows off his vertical skills.

Richard Housen JR (the only remaining player from last year’s team), playing middle.  used his height to his advantage and smashed down crazy athletic spikes.  The first point of the second set was a screamer, Daniel Kwan dove, and saved the ball with one arm as he bounced it up to Nathanial Ling for the spectacular spike.  That pass was so good that Magic Johnson would’ve gotten out of his chair for that one. Towards the mid-second set, you can easily tell the Sentential players were fatigued. With only 7 players in the Centennial lineup last night, they only had one substitute the entire game. The Sting had almost a full roster and had multiple talented players coming in and out of the lineup. The Sting was aggressive thought the game and didn’t let the other team score on easy chances. Most of Centennial’s points were off of very skilled plays and were never easy to get due to the strong defence by Seneca.  The Seneca players were constantly aggressive in the last set and showed off their talents. In particular, the 3rd set had some of the cleanest passing of the entire game. Passes were precise and on target which made it easier for the guys near the net to score off easy possessions. I would also like to point out the jumping ability of these players. These guys can really jump and spike that ball down, it was an absolute delight to witness such athleticism. 


The Sting broadcast crew calling the game.

The game also marked the return of Seneca’s livestream of basketball and volleyball games.  No spectators are allowed in the stands, but fans can catch the action on the livestream.

Matt Marsden, a sideline reporter for Seneca talked to team captain Richard Housen Jr and head coach Brian Singh.   Coach Singh says he is super happy about being back on the court considering that they haven’t played in 2 years and is happy about taking a W in their first home game/regular game of the season. The coach is looking for this same energy every game so that the team can go far this year. Next up, an away game, on Sunday the 13th at 3 pm against Fleming, then it’s back home on Friday Feb 18th for a match up with Algonquin College. Both the men’s and the women’s teams will be playing. 




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