The Making of The Great Race TV broadcast

On April 11th, 2018, the Seneca Journalism students  produced a “Live” broadcast about their GREAT RACE between Subway VS Cars. They called the great race  RIDE THIS WAY.

During the broadcast, the public will figure out which mode of transportation won the race: the cars or the TTC?

Some the state-of-the-art equipment for this live broadcast are the Dejero and the Panasonic Camera HPT 160. The Dejero is a technology which allows the video to be transmitted live back to the TV studio.

In the field, Farhnaz, Maria, and Tristan debriefed the anchors back at the studio about what they discovered during the race. Anthony and myself, Xueer were the field camera operators for this broadcast.

Anchors were live on air back in the Journalism Studio inside the Seneca campus.  Emily and Lauren were the co-anchors for the live show.

San communicated with the studio and control room as Floor Director

In the control room, Cam ran the audio board, Nivetha was responsible for auto-cue , and TA Perrywas switcher and playback operator, helping to make this live broadcast run smoothly.

As the show unfolds, it becomes clear that the car beat the TTC two times out of three.

As the show wrapped up with no technical errors occurring for the first time in this class, the was show was a great success!

Everyone played their role amazingly.

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