The Lumineers And Over 200 Other Artists Play For Environmental Change

Kailee Tones, Toronto, November 10 2021

Over 200 artists from all over the world have come together to ignite change, at a time when bringing awareness to the current state of the worlds climate is crucial.

On December 15th at 9pm EST, the collaborated concert will air on Playing for Change‘s YouTube channel. This channel is known for creating awareness and raising money through the art of music. In 2020 Playing for Change raised more than $1 million for social justice causes. They are planning to do the same for environmental issues.

The Lumineers performing live at The Target Center.

This December, The Lumineers, Slash, Cat Stevens, Sara Bareilles and more will be playing to raise money for non-profit organizations such as: World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and American Rivers. The profits will be divided between the organizations to help save endangered wildlife, preserve natural land and habitats.

The organization as well as the United Nations Population Fund will sponsor the “Peace Through Music” event. Playing for Change sees the importance of getting creative to capturing citizens attention . The concert will be available to anyone with access to YouTube, and donations are appreciate to help the betterment of our natural world.

Quote from Sir David Attenborough.



The artists are not the only ones making an appearance. Sir David Attenborough, author broadcaster and natural historian will be in attendance to share his wisdom about the environment.

Join this event December 15th at 9pm EST to contribute to the environmental change


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