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Daniel Hor Masreghi

November 10, 2021

Last weekend the AstroWorld concert took place in Houston Texas, during the concert eight people between the ages of 14 and 27 were killed while the show was going on. Hundreds more were also injured at the same time, this also includes a nine year old boy who is in a coma now.

In the midst of all the commotion Travis Scott continued to perform for almost 45 minutes until eventually ending his performance 15 minutes ahead of the advertised time,  because of this Travis Scott is receiving a wave of criticism. Many people on social media that attended the concert say Travis Scott should have stopped the concert sooner, but in the footage from the concert he can be seen interrupting his performance to ask for help for a fan who had passed out. 

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The situation at the AstroWorld concert had gotten so bad that there was an ambulance trying to make it through the crowd. Many people on social media have been criticizing Travis Scott for this particular moment, how could you not see an ambulance in the crowd and not stop your performance to see what is going on. 


According to a BBC article, In an Instagram video following what happened after the AstroWorld concert Travis Scott said he was devastated about what had happened.

“My fans really mean the world to me. Anytime I could make out anything that’s going on I just stopped the show and helped them get the people they needed. I could just never imagine the severity of the situation.”

In Travis Scott’s apology video on Instagram he does not come across as sincere at all many people on social media have said, and this is where TikTok has made it a trend and is making fun of Travis Scott’s apology video, by editing it and making it look like he is on the toilet or doing something out of the norm. This has caused Travis Scott to receive even more backlash than before he made his apology video.

Police have launched an investigation on Tuesday November 9th, looking into reports of somebody in the audience that was going around and injecting people with drugs, multiple people who had attended the AstroWorld concert this past weekend had to be revived with an anti drug overdose medicine including a security officer. Which police say apparently had an injection mark on his neck. 

At this current moment there is no definitive answer to what caused these horrific incidents during the AstroWorld concert. There are many theories floating around social media But until police can find definitive answers nothing is s stone.  We send our prayers to the family that lost a loved one this past weekend and wish those injured to have a healthy recovery.

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