The Crime Times Episode 5: TTC Incidents

Four incidents taking place in or around TTC stations this month has caused concern in the city

Hello everyone and welcome to The Crime Times podcast, a true-crime podcast where we talk about anything and everything to do with crime. This week we will be speaking about the recent incidents that have taken place in and outside TTC stations this month, the pushing, the stabbing, and the robbing. The Kartik Vasudevs case is also included briefly because we recently posted a podcast about his case.

The podcast is below and a link to both interviews we include and the video of the TTC pushing, this can be disturbing to some viewers and we strongly encourage your discretion in viewing. We play a clip of the victim explaining what happens so you do not need to watch the clip.

Below is the man being accused of robbing and knocking a victim unconscious at the Pioneer Village Station on April 12th, Police are still looking for him.

Provided by Toronto Police


*WARNING* Below is a video of an unsuspecting woman being pushed onto TTC subway tracks, while the video does not show the victim landing on the tracks, it shows the push and the start of the fall. Watch at your own discretion. Video originally obtained by Toronto Star.



CTV Interview with Shamsa Al Balushi and video (push victim)

CTV Interview with Mario Greco (stabbing victim)

This will be The Crime Times’ last podcast and Sarah and I want to thank anyone who has given their time to listen to these podcasts and read these posts, it means a lot to us. We have learned a lot over these past weeks and are sad to say goodbye but excited to see where we go after Seneca.

So for the last time, thanks to everyone for listening, and stay safe out there.

-Alexandra Lakkotrypis and Sarah Bargman

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