The COVID-19 Crisis

Three areas of impact

Couressty to London free press.
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By Sofia Abas, Jay Pugazhenthi and Fuad Farage-Holm.

The novel coronavirus is having a devastating impact and changing the way we do almost everything and presents a myriad of new problems here at Seneca, across the province, country and entire globe. Our S@Y News team looks at the crisis from three unique perspective.                                                                                               __________________________

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Seneca students adapting to the impact of COVID–19

As schools remain closed for the rest of the semester Seneca students are bracing for the continuing impact of COVID19.  Those who are in the broadcasting, journalism, or radio program rely on technology and equipment to complete assignments but now they lack those resources while working from home. With the lack of resources professors and students are finding alternatives to communicate with each other and deliver instructions for students to complete assignments.  

Sofia Abas spoke with a few Seneca journalism students who told her how they were handling the overall transition to online school.

Parents struggle to practice social distancing while taking care of kids

Courtesy: Angelica Alzona

If you’re a divorced or separated parent, you’re probably wondering what exactly it means to practice social distancing when your child has to travel between households on a regular basis. With people’s fears over COVID-19 understandably high, courts are having to deal with worried parents who complain that sharing custody is putting their child, and even themselves, at risk. It’s a novel issue, for a novel virus. Fuad Farage-Holm explores it here.


A Crippled Economy Could Kill More Than the Virus  

Courtesy to Statistics Canada

The long-term impact of COVID-19 on the economy could cause more suffering than the virus itself.  Countries severely affected by COVID-19 will be reeling from the direct effect of the virus in the near future, but for some, like Canada, with a relatively low death rate, the indirect effect the virus has on the economy could be even more devastating. Letting the disease go unchecked doesn’t help the economy while shutting down doesn’t cure the disease.

Jay Pugazhenthi has more on this. 

Checkout all of these stories to stay safe and informed about COVID – 19. Learn how it will impact you and what you can do to deal with it.

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