Spotify identifies your Listening Personality

Image Courtesy of Spotify

By Sharyl Jovellana


Joyce Espino, a Seneca Creative Advertising student, says she is always excited about Spotify’s new features at the end of the year. “I love how Spotify wrapped keeps track of the music you streamed and make them very personal to your listening habits. My listening personality is an early adopter since I always listen to trending songs.”

Joyce Espino browsing through her Spotify Wrapped 2022

Since its initial release in 2016, Spotify wrapped has grown in popularity. Spotify introduced a more personalized and interactive Wrapped experience for its users this year. The “Listening Personality” feature, which was inspired by the classic Myers-Brigg personality test and its four-letter codes, is made up of four metrics that translate into one of Spotify’s 16 personality types.


Spotify VP of Product Development Babar Zafar, who leads the team that develops the Wrapped experience, says “The way we listen to music says a lot about us and your Listening Personality not only tells you about the music you listen to but what that says about your music taste.”


Marlorn Ace Edquila discovers his “Listening Personality”

Seneca student Marlorn Ace Edquila says he likes the new feature and is happy to know his listening personality. “I like that I found out that I’m able to learn about different genres”, Marlorn said.

A person’s personality type is determined by a combination of the music they listen to and a number of specific characteristics, such as discovering new songs or genres, listening to old or new music, the range of artists they stream, and how their listening resembles or differs from others. Each of the 16 Listening Personalities has its own colorful card that can be re-shared on social media or privately sent to friends.


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