Toronto F.C. System Goalkeeper Working Hard During Pandemic

Goalkeeper in the Toronto F.C. System Continues to Work Hard During Pandemic

Eleias Himaras is a goalkeeper in the Toronto F.C. system. Born and raised in London, Ontario, Himaras has dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player his whole life. Currently, he has made it as far as the Toronto F.C. farm team known as TFC 2.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Himaras was sent home as his season was cancelled until further notice. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, he has continued to train back in London and take advantage of this opportunity to better himself for when his season resumes. During the week of Himaras' return home, he got in touch with his goalie trainer of eight years, Pete Riccobon to inquire if they could get one-on-one sessions going in order for him to stay in form. Very willingly, Riccobon accepted and they began their sessions of what has now been a near four month hiatus of the season due to the coronavirus. They have planned to have three sessions a week. Prior to the pandemic, Himaras was speaking to teams in Europe about him going to play for them, but, he couldn't go because travelling was forbidden. As he continues to improve his goalkeeping abilities with Riccobon, Himaras has also committed to improve the shape of his body by lifting weights and going on runs. 

Being back home with his family and friends, Himaras is more focused, dedicated, and motivated than ever. He is in his best form both physically and mentally, and is excited to keep proving himself when it is safe to return to the field.

Why was it important for Eleias to train during the break?

Why did you start working out and how has it made you feel?

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