TFC Prospect Eleais Himaras Summer Update


Questions for Eleais:

1.Hows training posed new challenges for you as a goalkeeper?

2.Was there anything that the team or veteran player helped you with during the pandemic?

3.How does it feel playing for whats essentially your home town team?

4.Whats it mean to be a member of the TFC family?


From an early age, Eleais Himaras has been impressing the soccer scouts at major tournaments across Ontario, including a champions league of sorts put on by the Toronto F.C. This is where Himaras was picked up by the pro scouts and deemed to be a potential goalkeeper for their franchise.

Joining the club is something that Himaras is very proud of, but also humble to be apart of. Before the corona virus struck, he was training with T.F.C.’s second and first teams as the youngest goaltender on the pitch. Training with the top players in the organization gives Himaras perspective in how difficult cracking a Major League Soccer team is, as he says “they’re looking at you as if you’re trying to take their spot”

While the competition at the professional level is tense, Himaras is quick to answer that this is what he loves to do most. Goalkeepers have to have a strong mental game as they play such a big role in soccer teams systems, which is why he loves being so close to his home town of London Ontario. Eleais loves being able to drive home after a practice or for a weekend to see friends and family but also appreciates the set up that the T.F.C. has laid out for him.

Before corona virus sent him back to London, Himaras was staying with teammates in Toronto and enjoying all of the perks of personal team chefs, and all of the professional care from training staff. Since the stoppage of everything this past March Himaras has been finding new ways to stay on his game back where it all started.

While the change of his routine wasn’t what he was hoping for, Himaras says that this time off has given him a chance to seriously focus on his game, and be the goalkeeper that his club believes he can be.


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