Songcast-Podcast Ep 2

"No longer silenced by my thoughts. A form of peace I now have found." WISH I DIDN'T KNOW YA- ACOUSTIC BY Katrina Anastasia

Zoe Johnston & Daxnie Desmoulin

In addition to singing and songwriting, Katrina Anastasia is a designer, stylist, and environmentalist. Her ability to branch into new things makes her a Toronto-born pop artist to watch out for. Having grown up influenced by classic rock and even a local Canadian rock artist “wink wink,” Katrina Anastasia brings to her music the experience of life through all that she has gone through. The SongCast of the day is (TMWYL). Tell Me What You Like, a song she had written for another artist.

The beat caught her attention immediately; although it was a lengthy process, luck was on her side, and she could make it her own. She hopes the song will inspire girls to know what they like and desire for themselves. With 476 monthly listeners on Spotify and 13’500 total streams on Spotify, all songs combined, and 4.1 K plays on Apple Music. She hosts a live open mic and jam session every Sunday evening from 6 pm – 12 pm where she also manages (Boss Lady) OBJX studio  – 100 Symes Road, Unit 200a $10 entry

Upcoming…  The next EP is titled “Bliss.”
It is set to release hopefully on February 16th, 2023
3-song lyricless EP – experimental/meditative collaboration project with Panpsyche

You can listen to Katrina Anastasia on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Under her artist, Katrina Anastasia.

On Twitter and Instagram and Tik Tok, she goes by the username @Katrina.Anastasia

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