Sneak Peek! Makeup Collections For The New Year

By: Diane Angela Zaide

It’s an exciting year for all makeup lovers, and even the least beauty-obsessed will want to get their hands on these new upcoming makeup collections.  

Toronto Makeup Artist, Amy Parker, has loved makeup since her teenage years and has worked in the industry for five years. Below, she shares three of her most anticipated makeup collections for this year, and perhaps, you’ll find something to add to your new makeup collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Collection 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

On Monday, January 11, 2021, Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their new mini collection called “Iced Out.” The theme of this collection is “Winter Frost,” and it consists of four innovative products:

Iced Out Highlighter ($45) : The Iced Out Highlighter is most suitable for all skin tones, and individuals can use it for both wet and dry looks to provide a seamless finish.

Crystal Gloss ($27) :  The Crystal Gloss is a clear and non-sticky gloss. It’s for all skin tones, and it’s designed to provide a weightless, comfortable, and natural-looking finish.

Brow Freeze Styling Wax ($31) : The Brow Freeze Styling Wax is a clear long-lasting wax that locks brows in place. It’s designed to provide natural-looking brows.

Honey Diamond Gloss ($27) : The Honey Diamond Gloss is a non-sticky gloss designed to wear over bare lips to achieve a natural-looking finish or layer with liner and lipstick to give even fuller lips. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills’s “Iced Out” collection is made of “Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, and Oil-Free” formulas. According to Parker, this collection is more suitable for “everyday use than special occasions” because it’s natural-looking and easy to use. It’s now available for purchase on Anastasia Beverley Hills’s and Sephora’s official websites – enjoy shopping, girlies!

Morphe x IluvsarahII Sweet Oasis Collection 


On Thursday, January 14, 2021, Morphe and the stunning beauty guru Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, commonly known as, iluvsarahii launched their new collection called “Sweet Oasis.” The Aegean Sea inspires the theme of this collection, and it consists of three products:

35S Sweet Oasis Artistry Palette ($32) : The 35S Sweet Oasis Artistry Palette consists of “pink and turquoise tones,” but it’s also paired with “sun-kissed neutrals.”

Sweet Oasis Mini Lip Gloss Trio ($21) : The Sweet Oasis Mini Lip Gloss Trio consists of a buttery formula, but despite this, it’s a non-sticky gloss designed to provide a “golden hour glam” filled with high shimmers.

Sweet Oasis 6 Piece Eye Brush Set ($26) : The Sweet Oasis 6 Piece Eye Brush Set are synthetic eye brushes designed to compliment the 35S Sweet Oasis Artistry Palette.

The Morphe x IluvsarahII “Sweet Oasis Collection” delivers ocean-inspired and tropical hues for a gorgeous and glowing finish. It’s available for purchase on Morphe’s and Ulta Beauty’s official websites.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Collection 


On Friday, January 29, 2021, Pat McGrath will launch her new collection called “Divine Rose II.” It’s the second installment to the “Divine Rose” collection, and it consists of eight products: 

  • Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II
  • Divine Rose Luxe Quad: Eternal Eden
  • Skin Fetish: Ultra Glow Highlighter
  • Liquilust: Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick
  • Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil
  • Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil
  • Mattetrance Lipstick
  • Dark Star Mascara

Pat McGrath’s “Divine Rose II” collection delivers rose-inspired and “hautehouse” hues for a luxurious-looking finish. According to Parker, this collection is more suitable for “special occasions than everyday use” because it’s “high pigmented” and “sparkly.” It’s available for purchase on 1/29 NOON ET at Pat McGrath and on 2/5 at Sephora – let the hunger games begin!

The Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Iced Out Collection, Morphe x Illuvsarah’s Sweet Oasis Collection, and Pat McGrath’s Divine Rose II Collection are only some of the most anticipated collections for this year.

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