Seneca’s Helping Hand

by Jeff Viray

For many students, financials are always a concern. Whether it be the ability to pay tuition, pay for school books or even grab some food on campus, finances are something many students need to deal with. And with the cost of living moving many students are looking for any sort of financial relief or assistance.

Seneca’s Campaign for Students is an employee-giving program led by the employees of Seneca College. This program can take donations from employees but they also hold events to raise funds that students can use as financial aid.

One such event is the online auction that they are holding from now until February 20th.

I had a chance to speak with Ash Patel one of the members of Seneca’s Campaign for Students to talk about the auction.

Patel tells me that the auction is organized with the Seneca Business program every year to compliment the other events that the Campaign for Students organizes.

When asked how much money they hoped to raise through the auction he says that they are looking to raise more than $6000. But he also says that in past years they’ve raised more than $20,000 that would go to students for financial relief.

The items found in the auction vary, the bidding list includes things such as laptops, computers, and


cameras, but there are also activities up for sale, such as tickets to the Marilyn Denis show, tickets to the AGO and ROM, and passes to the Angus Glenn golf course.


There are also things that students and employees can use for upcoming semesters. There is a $300 Continuing Education Certificate that could be used to pay towards one’s tuition, there are also parking passes that can be used for upcoming semesters that can be bought at discounted prices.

Patel tells me that the items listed for auction are all provided by “Seneca vendors, outside businesses, and some from individual employees.”  These employees are those who are part of Seneca’s Campaign for Students program.

The Campaign for Students program itself has raised $3.8 million for student financial aid, $1.2 million for program expenses, and more than $100,00 for equipment and capital since its conception.


When asked how funds raised through the auction are distributed among students, Patel tells me that the decision on how to distribute funds is made through the Advancement and Alumni department of Seneca. The Campaign for Students has seen its funds distributed in many ways though, with awards, scholarships, and bursaries given to students in need of financial aid.

For those interested in bidding for many of the items in the auction, visit the Bidding Owl website or follow the link here. 

The auction itself runs until the 20th of February with the deadline for the items at 8 pm. All you need to start bidding for the items is to register on the website or use your Seneca email as a login. You will also need a PayPal account to pay for the items. And if you do win an item you must pick up your prizes at either the Markham or Newham Seneca Campus.



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