Save on your everyday grocery bills by using these rescue apps.

By Osheen Pahwa

Canadians are facing budget constraints ever since the start of the pandemic and increase in the prices of the grocery items has left Canadians more frustrated than ever.  According to a report grocery prices were set to increase by 20% in the year 2022 which is going to make the everyday essential shopping harder for some but ‘food rescue apps’ are here to help control the food wastage and save your pockets. These apps are now in trend and are currently being used by almost all major grocery stores such as the Loblaws corp., Sobeys, Toronto’s Pusateri’s fine foods and many more. There still are some Grocery stores which are in the process of bringing these apps into business in their stores. These apps offer grocery goods like produce, fish, bread, meat and diary products which are nearing their expiry dates at an discounted price. These goods are sold at almost 50% off their market value however if you are lucky you can also find items at an even cheaper price.

“ I like giving out meals to the homeless people on my days off from work because I think the weather is harsh enough right now and no one deserves to sleep hungry. I usually order food from ‘Flash foods’ and pick it up at the Metro store near me since they support it. The food is not only cheap but also good quality and I can buy and help more homeless people with the same budget” says Emily M. In conversation with Say@News about her usage of these rescue apps.  

Wastage of food has been an global issue and the government and many other associations are now working hand in hand to cater this issue and these rescue apps serve as another option of controlling food wastage specially when there’s people out there who are not able to meet their everyday needs or buy good quality Groceries. Sadly even after the use of these rescue apps only 50% of the food is saved. 

‘Flash food’ is the app that is most commonly  used by grocery stores and another app ‘Too Good To Go’ deals with bakeries and restaurants but also some grocery and convenience stores. But did you know you know? You can help in saving food even if you don’t own a restraunt or bakery by partnering with the app called ‘Olio’ it is made for anyone and everyone who wishes to make food at home and sell it or even the ones who think they wouldn’t be able to finish a special portion of meal alone. “Flash food  is a good initiative, we get online orders and people come to pick them up. Some who come to the store see it and buy produce at a lower price.”  Says Melina an employee who works at the ‘Real Canadian Superstore’ in the produce section.

Well indeed these rescue apps are here for your rescue and can do wonders only if you give them a chance to help you prepare for you upcoming family dinner.

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