Santa Claus Parade



by Sai Sharma

Christmas joy is in the air as the Santa Claus Parade is back in Toronto on November 26th. This year marks the 119th Santa Claus Parade. The Parade will begin at Christie Street and Bloor Street west at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

The parade traces its origins back to 1905. It has served as a way of bringing people of different backgrounds together, binding them with faith , hope , love and Christmas cheer. This year too the parade is back to spread the Christmas magic. It will feature 27 floats and around new 7 ones. All year round , builders work hard on the floats to make the magic happen.

The Parade will take place in person on November 26th. It will follow a new path starting from Christie Pits. Additionally it will also air December 9th at 7 pm on CTV.

Another interesting aspect of the parade is the Holly Jolly Fun Run. People will get the chance to run along the same route as the Santa Claus Parade. For the Holly Jolly Fun Run, runners must be 10 years or older and be accompanied by an adult if younger. dogs and strollers are not allowed.

The hosts and the marching bands will be released soon so stay tuned!

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