Ontario restaurants are re-opening: owners and customers opinions are mixed

Ontario half regains its freedom on January 30th by reopening restaurants dining rooms, gyms, and cinemas. After being close for 3 weeks, they are now allowed to resume operations at half capacity and people are required to be fully vaccinated to eat inside. Naviv, owner of the Fume Bar and Lounge situated in Mississauga is really excited that restrictions are finally lifted “It was such good news for us when we heard that we could open again. We built a real relationship with most of our customers and we’re happy to see them again.” However, pre-covid habits and work are not fully back in place Unfortunately I am not able to hire all our staff back for our safety and that of our customers. I just kept the front desk, two bartenders, and four servers.”  shared Naviv. 

The excitation of restaurants re-opening is accompanied by worries, customers are shared between the joy to finally be able to eat in a restaurant again, sharing a meal with a loved one and the fear to fall into another lockdown after the government sees another considerable increase in covid cases “ I feel safe to go to a restaurant because they put a lot of effort into the cleaning part, the distinction between the table, between the customers but I am sure that they will close again in one year after seeing that the covid and the variants are still here” shared Sean, 19 years old living in Mississauga. 

In fact, 3,960 new cases have been registered on the day the restrictions were lifted on January 30th, but those statistics do not want to be heard for some customers like Anne, 23 years old living downtown Toronto ‘At this point, we just need to enjoy ourselves and to stop worried about this disease. She chased us for two years now, so many restaurants had to close against their will. Here comes the time to step up and to fight for our liberty we can no longer be locked up, we’ve had enough” 

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