Nurses battling through COVID

Written By Kyle Boudreau

Nurses have been heroes during this pandemic. My focus person is nurse Emily Robertson, she’s been working hard through the challenges of Covid, and adapting to being a first year nurse during a global pandemic.

Emily has said the hospitals are completely overwhelmed nurses are working extra hard. She said she became a nurse because she loves helping people. Even with Covid restrictions being east all across Ontario, the case counts are being projected to be higher than ever. Medical experts have said that the case count is said to be over 100,000 people a day. Nurses and medical workers are needed more in Ontario and around the world now than ever. As hospitals haven’t seen this much need for ICU beds in a very long time.

Emily has had to deal with many COVID patients, and she has seen the worst of this pandemic. Nurses have been saving lives throughout the entirety of the pandemic and are a big reason why Ontario is able to keep things open, and not be locked down, and of the ability of the healthcare system to be able to keep up with the high amount of patients.

As of today according to CP 24 they’re over 1680 hospitalizations and 212 ICU Covid patients. That is an overwhelming number, and nurses are The ones handling that and taking care of those patients every single day. Emily Robertson graduated from Georgian Colleges nursing program, which she has said was the “hardest schooling” she has ever had to go through.

The program is difficult and lengthy, but set up Emily to work through the challenges of the medical world, and now working in a hospital especially through the pandemic. The province of Ontario has dealt through multiple lockdowns, and the shut downs of many businesses.

As these shutdowns happen, there a a lot of mixed reactions to if they work, and if they are mandatory. According to emily, they are. “You can see the lockdowns working, and the case counts going down. It’s extremely overwhelming for the nurses and medical staff to have this amount of patients”. As testing for COVID has been changed to only people who need it, as in medical workers, and old age home workers etc, Ontario has found a new way to protect COVID cases. Through wastewater.

These projections have led to say that the case count is much higher than it ever has been before, over 100 thousand cases per day. As COVID restrictions in Ontario are ending, and things may look like they are going well, medical workers such as Emily are still battling the virus everyday, as COVID patients are filling the hospitals more than ever. These medical workers are heros for Ontario.

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