Mazda’s First PHEV and HEV in Canada- Mazda Cx-90


Mazda has launched its very first hybrid car in Canada.  The 2024 Mazda Cx-90 is now available for purchase. Mazda also brought back 6 cylinder engines. After nine years the automaker finally brings back some power and possibly a family car meant for car enthusiasts.

As I had the opportunity to drive the Premium Plus trim level of the Cx-90, it did not fall short of its expectation.

This vehicle drives tremendously smoothly and has a lot of power considering the size of the vehicle. Driving through the city is usually a difficult task in these big SUVs, but not with the 360-degree camera view, which makes being in tight spots a breeze to navigate around.

At a glance exterior of the vehicle, just looking at it you get beautiful two toned 21 inch alloys on a top model trim. Also available in 18-20 inch rims depending on trim level. The Cx-90 also comes stock with LED headlight bulb to brighten your sight ahead, shark fin antennas and continues to showcases Mazda's continues sleek and stylish designs.

Starting with the base model, which is a 4-cylinder, 2.5-liter PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle). This model is perfect for people who care about fuel consumption and have the opportunity to plug in their vehicle at home. Higher trim models come with the 3.3-liter inline 6-cylinder turbocharged, hybrid engine/motor.  I think this feature alone will speak to car enthusiasts.


A huge bonus for the powertrain is that the vehicle comes with an i-active all wheel drive dynamic with rear wheel bias. This is enhances traction, stability and performance.  This is the first time Mazda is offering off-road and towing modes while driving. Try pulling a trailer with this SUV. It offers the ease of towing between 3,500 to 5,000 pounds depending on the trim level.

Moving to the interior, Mazda starts with 3-zone ventilation control to maximizes everyone's comfort, no matter what seat they are in. Mazda also shifted towards smaller and less bulk panels to maximize interior space compared to the older generations predecessor the Cx-9. All models also come stock with advance keyless entry, paddle shifters (Zoom-Zoom) and multiple 12Volt power outlet.


The starting price for the all new Mazda Cx-90 is just of $46,0000 for the base model and the highest trim model price ranges all the way up to $68,000. The Premium plus model like i drove has a MSRP of $56,500.


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