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By: Adam Choghri

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Wendy Wong's aunt, June, couldn't properly wear clothing after she lost mobility in her arms and legs after a car accident. “I wanted to help. One thing that was brought up by the caregivers was that maybe we could find clothes that is easier for her to get dressed because now she needs help to get dressed.” 

June Adaptive is changing the fashion industry by making clothing accessible for all to wear without any difficulty.

"That's how I'm changing the fashion industry is by providing more awareness that these items exists. So even though, we're not in the sciences or anything, at least the fashion can help people by making it a bit easier, and making it more a common knowledge." 

Wong is the founder of the online adaptive clothing shop, June Adaptive. June adaptive creates accessible clothing, making it easier to wear shirts that have magnetic buttons, side zippers on pants for easier access, shoes that open from the back, and stretchable socks. 

Wendy Wong, Founder of June Adaptive. Credit:

 While her aunt inspired her,  she would soon discover that other family members needed to find adaptive clothing. This would inspire her to create her business. 

Having a Bachelor's of Design from Toronto Metropolitan University, Wong worked in the fashion industry for 15 years and worked for big brands. She would later create an online clothing shop to help make clothing that looks good but is also making it adaptive for people to wear without any trouble.  

Before embarking on her journey in adaptive clothing, she first was introduced to it after caregivers were recommending her aunt find accessible clothing. She later wanted to create a clothing line to make people more aware of adaptive clothing.  

“I thought more people should know about this. So that’s why I launched June, so more people have a place to find adaptive fashion clothing online.”  

Wong found it difficult when she created her business. She mentioned how small her business was with limited amounts of funds to start something. She worked every day and every night for months to create her project. Wong had limited suppliers when starting her online business, but clarifies more brands are beginning to open up.   

 I think the biggest thing is, just being a new brand and having a little bit of a budget. And it started as a side hustle, and it still is a side hustle. And everything is just me at the beginning and my financing. I think that’s my biggest challenge is just getting out there with limited funds and start launching a new brand.”  

But what keeps her going? The reviews are what’s the recipe for her motivation. She loves it when customers leave reviews, saying how easy it was to put on pants or how easy it was to wear a shirt.  

Footwear that is sold on June Adaptive. Credit:

"Honestly, that's what keeps me going. Orders- that feels good but the reviews, it's really what makes me happy because people say stuff like, these shoes don't hurt my husband when I put them on or I can finally go to the bathroom in independence because it's easier for me to take off these bottoms. So, that's what's really fueling this, is the reviews we get. And that these clothes really help make people's lives easier." 

Wong says when creating adaptive clothing, the clothing needs to have technical features and also make it look good while wearing.  

She is happy to change the fashion industry, she’s happy making people aware of accessible clothing.  

"And if they knew about June Adaptive, then they wouldn’t have to have that struggle of not being able to help them. So, just trying to find people that need these items, feels really good."

On her site, you can see other brands. One brand is Silverts, which is one of June Adapative's suppliers. Her company features eight different brands featured on the site. Silverts is one of them and they sell "low-price point adaptive fashion items." 

June Adaptive has been featured on television and is trusted by the Alzheimer's Society Toronto.  

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