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5 Places You Can Buy in Toronto for under 350k

By: Habeebah Ahmad

The average home in Toronto is roughly 1.4 million dollars. For a typical student those prices are way beyond their budget, however is there a possibility that the city may have something reasonable to offer? Today, we decided to look at some places that are under 350k.

380 Dixon Rd

Coming in at 349k is an 830 sq 1 bedroom penthouse condo. The condo is located at 380 Dixon Rd in Kingsview Village- The Westway community.  The condo has a large kitchen and bedroom perfect for a student who needs their own space.

207 Galloway Rd

Coming in at second place is a Scarborough apartment for 330k. This two bedroom, one bath apartment is located at 207 Galloway rd in the West Hill community. This newly renovated condo is perfect for two roommates who are looking to split the cost and is located near restaurants, schools and grocery stores.

5 Massey Sq

In third place is another Scarborough apartment for 319k. This newly renovated one bedroom one bath apartment is located at 5 Massey Sq is Crescent Town. Located right by Victoria Park Station makes commuting easier for students.

235 Grandravine Drive

In fourth place is a one bedroom one bathroom located at 235 Grandravine Drive in North York for 299k. This apartment is close to Finch Subway Station making commuting easier for Seneca students. This apartment is recently renovated making it move in ready for students!

50 Old Kingston Rd

Lastly, we have another one bedroom one bathroom Scarborough apartment with a wonderful view overlooking a ravine. The apartment is located at 50 Old Kingston Rd in the West Hill community. It comes in at 259k. It also has its own amenities such as an indoor pool and large sauna which makes a great escape when you are swamped with school work.

East is the Least

It looks like Scarborough may be a prime location for students because it seems to have a lot more affordable housing. On average Scarborough is the most affordable part of Toronto which makes sense as to why it has a lot more properties for under 350k.

$30,000 Houses in Canada Still Exist

By. Vijay A. Singh


With the rapid growing economy across Canada, people are starting to find it unrealistic to own a house, while at the moment realtor.ca has over 40 listings of properties that are under $30,000 in Canada. Moving out into the rural areas of Canada makes owning a house more attainable. 

Many houses in the rural area of Canada are currently priced cheaper than the down payment of houses in main cities of Canada. These homes are more in reach for people who are retired or who work remotely.


The house below is located in Kindersley, Saskatchewan and is roughly 300 kilometers away from the capital city. It offers 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 parking spot. The price for this home is just a quarter of the price for a down-payment of a house in Toronto.


Living in outer areas of major cities aides in people not breaking the bank or living pay cheque to pay cheque to make sure their ends meet. The house mentioned above would also be a great space to start a family. 

Living further away from major cities may also promote a healthier lifestyle. You are away from that city noise and are living with people you genuinely enjoy spending your time with. 

Moving to rural communities of Canada offer many benefits, from cheaper housing prices, to cheaper cost of living and a quieter lifestyle.

The most affordable place in Toronto

by Laura Mejia

Picture yourself waking up to a cup of coffee overlooking the water each morning. With the ability of going for a paddleboard whenever you would like. “Betty White” is a floating home that offers the views of the water and a peaceful getaway from the city noise. A bright and clean one bedroom with amenities like a pull-out couch in the living room for guests. Located in the Scarborough Bluffs Marina and just an easy drive away from Downtown Toronto. One of this property’s perks is no property taxes. You do however, have to pay a mooring cost of $900.00 a month that includes all your utilities. An issue you might run into however, is that with this property you won’t be able to get a mortgage. You would have to get a loan for the boat.

The two storey boat is a total of 499 feet². It includes one bedroom and one bathroom. The property is currently listed at $50,000. In March of this year the property was listed at $150,000.

Take a look at your neighbour

If you think you can spend a little more than $50,000, just down the dock from “Betty White” you’ll find “Unit 11”. Featuring 4 rooms, a rooftop deck, deck fencing, custom carpentry in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances and a yard space; this modern property is listed at $849,000.

Only the very rich. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Exploring Toronto's real estate unveils a stark contrast between the lower- and middle class struggling to find a home and the listings of the very wealthy. While we've witnessed the challenges of housing affordability for the average Torontonian, it's intriguing to delve into the exclusive realm of the very wealthy.

One notable locale in Toronto's real estate landscape is Park Lane Circle, where in 2015, rapper Drake acquired a property worth a staggering 6.7 million USD, eventually breaking it down and building a mansion nicknamed 'The Embassy' on top valued at 100 million USD. Beyond the extravagant choices of music superstars, we are left to ponder: What does a budget of 20 million dollars or more secure in the Greater Toronto Area? Brace yourself, as we explore some impressive listings that may defy imagination.


First on the list is a penthouse at 1 Bloor Street, situated within the One Bloor building. Priced at a modest 34,981,778 CAD, this under-construction residence is set to be completed in 2024. Boasting 8,800 square feet of living space, 8 bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms, this spectacular listing has been on the market for 133 days. In the same building, a slightly smaller penthouse, spanning 3,000 square feet less with fewer bedrooms, is available for 31,620,000 dollars.


Moving within proximity of Drake's backyard, we find a modern and sunlit 26,000 square foot home at 30 High Point Road in Bridle Path. Architecturally significant and known in Canada for maximizing natural sunlight, this property holds the title of the most expensive listed house in Toronto that is already built, priced at 28,000,000 dollars.


Further along in the Bridle Path area, two remarkable residences stand tall. The first, located at 45 Bayview Ridge, is listed at 22,500,000 dollars, while the second, at 20 The Bridle Path, is priced at 21,800,000 dollars. Both can be seen as small castles and have been on the market for over 150 days, indicating a challenge in finding buyers amidst a surplus of listings around the 20 million mark.


Expanding beyond Toronto's borders, in the Mississauga area around Erindale, two noteworthy listings catch the eye. The first, priced at 24,500,000 dollars, and the second, an impressive 29,900,000 dollars, giving the of being a royal palace. These listings provide a glimpse into the exclusive and extravagant world of high-end real estate in the Toronto metropolitan area.

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