Hang Glide Ride Gone Wrong

Harrowing first time hang glide

By: Gabriella Iannello

A man’s first time hang gliding in Switzerland turned into a frightening experience after he realized he was not strapped in after take-off. Internet personality Chris Gursky was on the first day of his vacation when he decided to go hang gliding.  Using go-pro cameras he filmed his ride that lead to a horrifying two minutes. On Monday, Gursky posted the video of his experience on YouTube.  So far it has received more than five million views. The video shows his take off where his harness was not attached to the glider. Gursky then held on to the pilot’s harness with one hand and the hang glider with the other. The glider continues to increase in altitude as the pilot desperately tries to regain control and land. Gursky said he appreciated the view, even while thinking he may die. He suffered a broken wrist that needed surgery and a torn left bicep tendon from holding on as long as he did. This experience has not turned him away from hang gliding as he said he would try it again since he did not get to enjoy his first ride.


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