Gauging Canadian NHL Teams Popularity by Region

According to an open-source search, New York Rangers are the most popular NHL team on Google Trends and are valued to have a net worth of $2.2 billion dollars. On the other hand, we picked four of Canada’s most loved NHL teams, and all of them are valued lesser than the Rangers, with the Toronto Maple Leafs at $2.0 Billion, Montreal Canadiens at $1.85 Billion, Edmonton Oilers at $1.25 Billion, and Vancouver Canucks at $1.01 Billion.

The New Rangers might be the most popular team on Google Trends globally, but they certainly are the least popular in Canada as according our graphics, the Maple leafs are the most popular hockey team within Canada followed by the Oilers who are above the Canadiens and the Canacuks standing on third and fourth on the list respectively, and can be still seen way above the New York Rangers on the graph, who are searched for only a mere one percent out of a possible 100.

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