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Gluten-Free Diet Plan: What to Eat, What to Avoid


The term Gluten, may sound strange to a lot of people around us. Before it gets deeper, it is important to understand what Gluten exactly is. It is a substance that is present in cereal grains, and it is the only thing that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. Interesting is, it causes problems for people with celiac disease. And that is the reason  many people around the world have to consume the food which is free from Gluten. Before considering the food made free of gluten, people definitely have to compromise on a lot of things that may include the taste and availability of gluten free items. People with celiac disease believe that all the sacrifices they make are worth it, as they get to witness some drastic changes in their lives and bodies.

Dinese with her cat

Denise Copping, 29 had severe allergy from Gluten. She was 20 when she was diagnosed with the the celiac disease. The journey from being a fussy eater to a healthy eater has been astounding for her as she explains that her body, skin and hair got better.

“Just like anybody else, it was not easy for me too. It took so many years for me to accept that if I eat this (Gluten) it is never going to be good for me. I used to have uncontrollable anxiety attacks, I used to feel bloated every single day. But when I left it, I saw the changes. My hair now are even better than what they used to be. The acne problem that I had, is no where now. I have a healthy body and I am very satisfied now”

For a person who recognizes his illness at an early age finds it difficult to adjust in a lifestyle with no gluten. The thing that makes it even more complicated is, its availability. 10 years back from now, people had to travel miles to get one single item that was free of gluten and could satisfy their needs. As the world continues to grow, people who have celiac disease have lesser complaints.

Melody Saari, who is the owner of The Almond butterfly Cafe say that having a lifestyle without Gluten is not difficult now. She got the idea of starting her own business of making gluten free items when she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance.

“I love experimenting things that come free of gluten. I get goosebumps when I think about the time when I discovered that I cannot take gluten, because, at the age when I got it, there was less awareness and I used to see no restaurants. It caused troubles to me, that’s when I realized that I will do my bit to help people who have such disease and they do not have to go through the problems that I went through”

Bloggers on social media apps like Instagram have also taken steps to create pages and blogs to help people find the accessible restaurants if they have gluten intolerance or celiac diseases.

Ashley is an active blogger on Instagram and her focus is to visit places that make gluten free items.

“I love exploring such places and it makes me feel so happy when people reach out to me and say that I was able to help them.” Ashley added.


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