Gen Z, Where Would You Live?

St John's Harbour in Newfoundland Canada. Panoramic view, Warm summer day in August.

by Habeebah Ahmad



As the cost of living rises in Toronto and the GTA, many Gen-Zers  feel like there is no future for them here.  A survey done by point2homes indicates that St.John’s, Newfoundland is the most desirable city for Gen-Z. Toronto ranked at a staggering 32 out of 50 cities.

Gen Z’s feeling squeezed by high cost of living in Toronto

In recent years Canada has seen an influx of Gen-Zers. Many young immigrants have to the country because Canada has a strong dynamic economy. However a lot of major cities are not able to offer that. When looking for a job, many Gen-Zers say they need a good work balance, respect for diversity at and outside of work, access to mental health services and solving environmental issues.

Many Gen-Zers feel like Quebec is a great province that offers a lot of opportunities such as jobs, better quality of live and access to a variety of services. Quebec City, Trois-Riveres and Montreal made it to the top 10 list of desirable cities. In fact eight of the top ten are in la Belle Province.

After speaking with students at Seneca College their perspective differs from the data collected in the survey. Most students actually want to stay in the city despite it being expensive. While some have plans on leaving the province all together. They feel like Toronto and the GTA has more job opportunities.


Calgary, AB

Mustafa a domestic student enrolled in the medical and communications program currently lives in Mississauga. However after he is done school, he feels like he may have to move to out of the province and to Alberta. Cheaper housing is a driving force for him.

Shakiba another domestic student had opposing views. She currently lives in Toronto and understands that it is an expensive city however feels like it is a city where there are more job opportunities and she can thrive. She is also willing to make sacrifices in order to sustain her life.


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