Smule isn’t just a singing app

Courtesy: Smule

By Ziyad Benhaddad

Artists have been deprived of showcasing their talents because of the pandemic. Alternatives have been discovered to give a platform to up-and-coming artists such as an app called Smule. The application has been labelled a great tool for beginners, especially with its collaboration feature with verified singers. Markeish Grant, who started Smule seven years ago while working as a nurse, can attest to this.

Markeish from Texas, who goes by “Markeish_J_ on the app, has been an avid user of Smule. She’s made multiple collabs, including one with Mariah Carey that was featured exclusively by the platform. She has gained a following in the process as well, but it all started as some form of therapy.”I started singing because it was a stress relief and I wanted to gain self-confidence!” She believes that Smule has helped immensely with those goals and she doesn’t mind the exposure that comes with it. She says that singing is her passion and she would with or without the promotion. “I would be happy if the platform exposed me, but I just love to sing! I would do it even if I didn’t get any exposure.”

Courtesy: Smule  

Smule is known for beginners as multiple users, like Markeish, can attest to improving their vocals by using the application. People love it because Smule not only gives the users the entire lyrics of the song but also gives the performance as per the pitch of the music. The potential interactions have made them stand out from other karaoke platforms.  The app has one of the best interfaces to communicate with other singers too, being able to invite some other singers to sing together elevated their status.

Although some people have voiced their displeasure with the audio quality as it is too static, sounds somewhat robotic and distorted. The downside doesn’t end at the sound quality, some parents voiced their displeasures on review websites, believing it’s unsafe because a lot of kids are using it and are unattended. Aside from those complaints, there are rave reviews from the parents of that demographic.

An American music app that was initially released under the name Sing! Karaoke on IOS in 2012 and a year later for Android. Smule has allowed users to perform duets alongside many international artists such as Jason Derulo, Luis Fonsi, J Balvin, Charlie Puth, Polina Gagarina, and Siti Badriah. In May 2021, the app briefly climbed to the #2 Free App in the App Store and the #1 Music App in the App Store for over a week.

Courtesy: Smule

Smule has achieved great feats since being created in 2012. The features that have been added recently have helped with the gain in popularity and it has helped a lot of users, such as Markeish, in more ways than one. It has helped people with their mental health and brings a potential audience to aspired performers.

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