Former soccer star and his battle with Leukemia

By Parva Rezai

             Picture from Tymaz Bagbani’s Instagram


Tymaz Bagbani is a survivor of 3 battles with Leukemia AML and 2 bone marrow transplants.

He is now an emerging artist in Toronto who is in pursuit of becoming a successful rapper.

He is 23 years old, and before growing passion for music, he had other dreams.

He once dreamed of becoming an international soccer star.  His love for soccer started at the age of 5 when he first stepped on the pitch, and from then on, he knew he wanted to be a professional soccer player.

However, at the age of 11, his mother felt something was not quite right about his physical health and took him to his family doctor to run some tests.  That’s when he found he was diagnosed with Leukemia AML, and the battle for his life had begun.

Six rounds of intense chemotherapy during which he still dribbled a soccer ball around cones in the hospital hallways. After winning his first battle in 2008, he started training seven times a week to make up for the lost time.

Picture from Tymaz Bagbani’s Instagram

But in 2010, after two months in Spain where an agent, who had noted his remarkable talent, sent him to train with plans for an international sporting career, the disease returned with a vengeance.

More chemo and a bone marrow transplant for an unrelated donor.


In 2012, he had more chemo, total body irradiation and a second, almost unheard of, bone marrow transplant.

Bagbani then contracted graft-versus-host disease, a complication — arising from the bone marrow transplants — that stripped him of his skin from his feet to his chest. Doctors tried to prepare him and his family for the worst.

“Throughout this whole time, they (doctors) kept telling me that I’m going to die. That there’s no hope, and they told my mom, ‘Just try to enjoy the time you have left with your son.’ But I just kept fighting, and I proved them all wrong,” Bagbani said.

Today Bagbani is able to walk even after being told he would never walk again.

He is also writing his songs and has so far dropped 3 tracks and one music video.


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