Ford Extends Emergency Order – Again

By Zahraa Al-khalidi

The Government has made yet another decision to extend emergency order.

Premier Doug Ford made the announcement on Thursday afternoon through a statement posted to their website.

The orders that were set to expire on Feb. 19, have been extended until March 21.

Every two weeks and 30 days, the state of emergency and the emergency orders have to be extended to remain in effect.

Julia Tam, an essential worker agrees with what the government is doing.

“I think that it is necessary. Ford is finally considering the advice of public health officials and is taking cautious steps towards a safe reopening. The two-week extension is essential if the ultimate goal is prevent having to lockdown our province again.” Said Tam “More lock downs can be very taxing on the economy as a whole and on individuals. We have all made it this far. If people follow rules and stay home for another two weeks, there is hope that we can return to our normal lives.

While others such as Jenny Khoury, who has been in lock down since the pandemic has started.

“I honestly wasn’t surprised to hear it. At this point I feel this year will be a write off as well. We never get any positive reinforcement from our government.” Said Khoury “The news is always bad news. At this point I’ve become so desensitized to all the new updates, I’m just waiting for the day we hear that all of this is over and we can resume our lives.”

“It’s stupid keeping certain cities closed while opening other cities because it just causes a migration of people to the opened areas, essentially causing more spread.” Said Tony Fardella, a father of two as his daughter who is a full-time university student had a similar reaction.

“It’s sort of disheartening having the opening dates constantly being pushed back. It’s making it harder to cope with the pandemic and is making our transition into “normal” life much more difficult.”

“I just don’t understand it, like York region is literally a 10 min drive from my house, what makes him think people aren’t just gonna drive to York Region to work out or get their hair done!” Said essential nurse worker Milena Kidane.

“I don’t feel anything anymore. Sorry.” Said Tracy Praseuth who has been under lockdown since the pandemic started.

Ontario reports 1,228 new COVID-19 cases and 28 more deaths as of Saturday.

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