For The Love of Self Care

1. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

2. Why is it important to educate and motivate people?

3. How is it working alongside with your son?

4. What are some of the challenges that you face?

Empowering Women Through Esthetics With Tabi

By Patricia Godina

It’s been over a decade since Tabi Mozzam ventured into the fashion and makeup industry, now, after a long fulfilling career and winning the 2017 Brilliant Minded Women Award, Tabi has added her passion of being a life coach into the mix. While not only making people feel fabulous physically, she also wants them to feel beautiful on the inside by teaching them the all-around essence of self-care. Tabi says “by giving them the motivation and being a role model in front of them or for them, that’s what helps motivate them to empower them.”

Recently, Tabi has joined up with the Ontario College of Development and Training in order to teach and encourage younger people about loving themselves through studying esthetics. With the global effect of COVID-19 Tabi is still trying to continue to educate her students. Being used to teaching classes that we’re much larger, she now maintains a limited safe social distant space or one-on-one personal classes for people to learn, especially during these times. When talking about the pandemic and the important role of being an educator to students Tabi says “I think that people like us, entrepreneurs, have to really start digging in and get to them and give them that attention, where we can help them pull through this difficult time, and the only way we’re going to do that is educate them.”

Tabi’s son Mehroze-Azam has been working alongside his mother for a couple of months now by assisting her through the marketing and social media side of things. While working with one another he sees the dedication she brings throughout her craft. Mehroze says “she puts her heart into it, right, and I think when you put your heart into it naturally you just do the most you think you could do, and every day your striving to do better so that work ethic really pays off.” Until now, Tabi Mozzam consistently remains to guide and teach people to love themselves through the art of esthetics.

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