Cheryl, Someone Who Cares.

Luke and Cheryl

“Luke” was a day away from getting put down. 

9 year old mix breed Luke was in a shelter in Quebec and was about to put down when “Speaking Of Dogs” started a rescue mission for Luke. But the hurdle they were facing was that they needed someone to foster him. And that’s when Cheryl Powless came in the picture to rescue him even though she was already having a dog and was fostering a cat. “He’s been such an angel”, Cheryl said. Luke also rescued Cheryl in a way as she just lost her dog few days after Luke showed up. Powless’s love for animals was from the very start of her life. “It started when I was a kid, I has pocket pets, Guinea pigs, things like that. I always wanted a dog. It was my dream for life and when I was 10 years old, I was honoured with one. Through that it continued to build. I ended up getting a co-op placement in a veterinarian practise through high-school and that led me to a career in the Veterinary field and through the I  actually met Lorraine of Speaking Of Dogs and then when I had the opportunity to foster, I took it”, Cheryl.

Powless joined the NGO in 2005, so it’s been 19 years that she has been fostering, recusing and helping dogs and cats. She is still active with her Veterinary practice and being a part of the NGO but she has also started her own business as a mobile Vet Tech, “My literal entire life revolves around animals. I have my own pets, I Forster for cats and dogs and rest of my time is spend caring for other people’s pets and just making sure that their lives are as good as they can be”, Cheryl said. This busy life of Cheryl has a lot of balance, the only thing that keeps her going is knowing that animals are loved and well taken care of. She is really particular of her schedule and keeps a tight check on her calendar, so her patients, clients or her family knows what she is upto and are not mislead. Even after working the whole day she feels accomplished knowing that she has done something good and has helped someone in need. 

Just like Luke, Cheryl also fostered “Saya’s” mother. She was abused by her previous owners even after she was pregnant. The NGO got to know about her through a neighbour and right away Cheryl stepped in to foster her. And now saya is almost a year old and lives with a lovely family because of the NGO and Cheryl. Till now Cheryl has fostered over 36 dogs and 17 cats. Powless currently have Luke, a cat and three (3) birds. She is grateful for the NGO to have given her the opportunity to do such a cause for the society. The NGO “Speaking OF Dogs” started in 2001, so it’s been 23 years now for the NGO. Its main focus is to promote human-animal bonding, provide sanctuary for dogs in need and they do this through foster care. So individual private homes, take dogs in and make sure that the dogs have the security, the vet care and all the essentials for life. Powless has given her whole life to animals and she is more than  happy and satisfied. She will continue to help animals in need and provide them with a warm bed and a warm meal.

“A Story Of Luke and Cheryl”

This story tells you how Luke and Cheryl rescued each other. And how Cheryl has devoted her whole life to animals.

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