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More at risk for Covid-19

By: Melissa Mihalis Jessica Mon fears for her life every day because of simply existing. She suffers from an autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis. A condition that causes her spine to swell and fuse, making [Read More]

Destination Seneca

New Cannabis Program at Seneca

  Seneca Launched a brand-new Cannabis related program. It is called Cannabis Regulation and Quality Assurance. It is a two-semester graduate certificate and students say it is very intensive. The program mostly focuses on the [Read More]


Let’s Talk Mental Health!

The pictures above include photo’s of positive message cards written by students. Some of the messages say: “you are not alone”, “you matter!’ and ‘be kind to yourself”. By: Frankie Fiorini, Hilem Rodriguez, Farah Chandani [Read More]



Experts say one of the main reasons for this trend is the advertising and promotion that has been allowed Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among Canadian teens and adults, even though most of its health [Read More]



The doors of the vaping store in Richmond Hill north of Toronto are locked. Customers are screened before the store manager lets them in. If they look too young and don’t have a photo ID, [Read More]