McDonald’s “Snaplications”

McDonald’s will be the first brand in Canada to launch ‘Snapplications,’ a one-day virtual hiring event that will allow millions of job seekers to instantly apply for a career at McDonald’s restaurants through the Snapchat app. (CNW Group/McDonald's Canada)

By Anthony Gatt

On March 27th McDonald’s Canada will be launching a hire initiative called “Snaplications”

This job recruitment method was first introduced in the U.S and Australia in 2017.  McDonald’s says it was a great way to hear from applicants in these countries.

Now Canada’s turn has come around and all applicants have to do is head to Snapchat on March 27th and use the special “McDonalds Lens” and record a 30 second snap on why they want to work at McDonalds.

Half of McDonald’s hires are from the age of 16 to 24 so where would you head to reach out to potential applicants? Snapchat. According to a 2018 10 Q report from “Snap Inc” Snapchats owners, the majority of their users are between the age of 18 to 34 with 71 percent of those users under the age of 34.

Now that you have seen my “attempt” it’s your turn to try, so head over to SnapChat and turn on the filter and explain why you want to work at McDonalds, save and send and you are all set.


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