2019 Green Living Show

By: Dean Inacay

The 13th annual Green Living Show took place on March 22nd -24th, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It hosted a variety of innovative exhibitors that have products and/or services that possess similar brands as the event, a healthier lifestyle and a greener environment. Hence the event’s slogan: “Inspiring and celebrating everyday choices for a healthier you, and a healthier planet.”

Matthew Turbatt, the owner of Requip’d Canada had a retail and informational booth all weekend. Turbatt explains how he turned a college project into a thriving company that re-purposes old and broken hockey sticks into new household items.



Greg Poisson, works for Shimano Canada/Shimano Steps which is a Japanese cycling company that creates parts for all types of bikes, including electric bikes. Poisson states that the company and himself have been at the Green Living Show in Toronto the past 5 years, and has personally seen an increase in audience attendance every year. Poisson further explains Shimano’s products and their mission to help the environment.

There were rows and rows of exhibitors that ranged from vegan foods, to electric cars, to healthy ways to cook and consume food with marijuana. It was a unique event with hundreds of local and foreign visitors, that experienced healthier ways to live and help the environment!




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