What in the world is winter weather whiplash?

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Winter Driving Tips

by Stephen Brown

Winter weather can affect driving conditions in a lot of ways. Whether is be stopping distance, visibility, or the overall reliability of your vehicle. Here are some driving tips from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

  • Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles
  • Never pass a snowplow
  • Avoid using overdrive or cruise control
  • Practice emergency braking to understand how your vehicle will react
  • Check the weather forecast ahead of time
  • Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead
  • Stay on main roads
  • Keep a phone charger on you

Some additional winter driving tips

  • Turn on your lights at dusk
  • Clear any accumulated snow build up off the top of your vehicle and any windows
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check the age of your battery
  • Carry extra wiper fluid
  • Change over to winter tires if possible

B.C. braces for more flooding

B.C. declares state of emergency in wake of devastating flooding, mudslides  | CBC News


By Arpandeep Kaur

After two devastating storms that took several lives away in B.C., the province is now all set to use a national emergency alert system. This decision comes after the damage suspected by third in a trio of ongoing storms that pose a threat to life and safety of people.

Alert ready is a Canada-wide system that is used to issue public safety alerts through major television and radio broadcaster, as well as compatible wireless devices. B.C. faced criticism for not using it during deadly natural disaster this year.

As of today, residents of another handful of properties in Abbotsford, B.C., were ordered to evacuate late Sunday night while some others were placed on evacuation of alert due to the continuing flood threat. In the meantime, crews in the city, including members of the Canadian military worked through the night to pump water into tiger dams that have been set up in a desperate effort to try to hold back floodwaters from the Sumas river. A state of emergency was declared by the District of Hope, while new evacuation orders were issued in parts of Abbotsford and west of Merritt.

B.C. floods: Province preps emergency alert system; no timeline to reopen  key highways | Globalnews.caThe third storm in the series of devastating storms is forecast to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday. Officials have warned that this could possibly be the worst one yet. Due to this, uncertain conditions on local highways have led to more closures and warnings for the drivers. Some highway stretches were open to essential travel, and many were closed again over the weekend as a pre-emptive measure or because of increased flooding.

All I want for Christmas.. weather whiplash?

By: Clélia Diamani

Winter is coming or should we be saying Winter is here! 

Toronto had its first snowfall of the season on Sunday and saw between 8 to 14 cm of snow. It seems that many have forgotten how to drive during the winter while others were excited to see the first snowfall.

Ontario Provincial Police received numerous reports of crashes on Highways 401, 403, 404, 407, 410 and the Queen Elizabeth Way. Drivers coming in from Kingston took almost double the amount of time to get into the GTA due to the weather. 

Winter Weather Whiplash! 

The Weather Network's 2021-2022 Winter Forecast is in and it seems some parts of Canada will be experiencing a chilly winter while others will enjoy a cozy one.

"Canadians should be prepared for winter weather whiplash over the coming months," said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

Central and Eastern Canada can except average to above normal temperatures while Western Canada will be below normal average.

According to the Weather Network's 2021-2022 Winter Forecast here is what can be expected across the country this winter:

British Columbia
A stormy pattern is expected to continue across southern B.C. with above normal precipitation. This will bring an abundance of snow to the alpine regions, and at times significant snowfall across lower elevations as well, setting the stage for an extended ski season. Colder than normal temperatures are expected to dominate the season, especially during January and February, and linger well into March.

A frigid winter is expected across the region, especially during January and February. While a few periods of milder weather are expected, we have a heightened risk for extended periods of severe cold. Blizzard conditions are also expected a few times as arctic air plunges south across the region. A snowy winter is expected across the southern half of Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. Near normal snowfall is expected elsewhere.

Ontario and Quebec
A 'come and go' winter is expected with periods of stormy winter weather, followed by extended periods of mild weather, including a prolonged thaw for southern areas. An active storm track will bring an abundance of snow to much of the region, but many storm systems will bring a messy mix of snow, ice and rain, especially across southern areas. While December should bring a period of traditional early winter weather, the heart of the season will lack persistent severe cold.

Atlantic Canada
A mild pattern is expected to dominate across the region this winter with above normal temperatures overall, especially during January and February. Our forecast calls for near normal precipitation, but parts of the Maritimes could see below normal snowfall totals as many systems will bring a mix of snow, ice and rain to the region. 

Northern Canada
A colder than normal winter is expected across most of the Yukon and the southwestern half of the Northwest Territories. Above normal temperatures are expected for eastern Nunavut (including Iqaluit) with near normal temperatures for the eastern N.W.T. and western Nunavut. Near normal precipitation totals are expected.

A White Christmas 2022?

Last year around this time, we were wondering if we would have a white Christmas and, Santa Clause heard our wishes! It snowed on Christmas eve and Christmas day; we had our white Christmas. This year, we are hoping that Santa Clause puts the GTA on the nice list and gives us another white Christmas. 

According to the Winter Forecast, it seems we’re very much in luck as December will bring in some snow as well as freezing cold. Make sure to have some hot chocolate and some blankets while staying warm inside to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a possible white Christmas for 2022. 

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