Vaping among youth: The effect on the body

What should be known about Vaping among teenagers and young adults

There are some concerns about vaping, mostly for health reasons, it is a new fad, not much is known by the public. Due to some studies done by government organizations however, the information is out there.

15% of people between the ages of 15-25 have tried vaping products at least once. Though people under the age of 19 cannot buy these products.

One major concern about vaping is the vape pen or device itself, there are some reports about devices catching fire or exploding, these can cause injuries based on where the device was when they self destructed.

There is new information that states vaping is a good starting point if a person wants to stop smoking, vape smoke can still cause damage to the lungs, but less than a cigarette or cigar can.

For more information, Visit the official Stats Canada website here.

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