Valentine’s Day During A Pandemic

By: Diane Angela Zaide

Without a doubt, this upcoming Valentine's Day is looking very different, but despite major limitations and restrictions, relationship expert Kateryna Spiwak says it is still worth it. - Illustration by Candy Industry.

Toronto– This year, the pandemic has made it much harder than usual for people to incorporate “normal” dating activities into Valentine’s Day plans due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. 

Henry Say, behind, and Ashley Malaythong, front.

Henry Say, 21, and Ashley Malaythong, 21, have been dating for four years, but they have primarily maintained a long-distance relationship because of school.

However, like so many of us, living apart from our significant others, they find themselves stuck on how to plan and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“We had initially planned to stay at Blue Mountain Resort, but because of the current situation, we are not sure what we are going to do,” Henry Say.

In the past, couples of all stages, new or old, healthy or strained, did not have this problem. However, now couples wonder how to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely to minimize exposure and, most importantly, as intimate and romantic as possible.

According to relationship expert and dating coach Kateryna Spiwak, “Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for people to celebrate their love, and it doesn’t have to be done on a grand scale.”

Luckily for us, humans have mastered the real art of wooing, and despite significant limitations, it’s still possible to make the best out of Valentine’s Day by including small elements that make your relationship unique to you. Below relationship expert and dating coach, Kateryna Spiwak, shares her advice.

If You’re Celebrating From A Distance:

  • Deliver A Bouquet Of Flowers Or Balloons
  • Have A Virtual Dinner Date
  • Use Netflix Party To Watch A Movie Together
  • Hire A Singing Telegram Service
  • Use UberEats, DoorDash, Or SkipTheDishes To Deliver Food For Your Significant Other
  • Send A Homemade Card Or Baked Goods
  • Have A Virtual Date On A Video Game
  • Make A Mixtape And Have It Delivered To Your Significant Other
  • Do A Virtual Escape Room
  • Make A Romantic Video For Your Significant Other

If You’re Celebrating Together: 

  • Give Your Significant Other A Massage
  • Spend The Whole Day In Bed Watching Movies
  • Go On A Nice Walk Or Hike
  • Build A Lego Set Together
  • Have A Romantic Bath Together
  • Play A Board Game Or Video Games
  • Have A Romantic Dinner
  • Go On A Scenic Drive
  • Bake Valentine’s Day Desserts Or A Homemade Dish
  • Plan And Have An Indoor Picnic

So this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that no matter how you celebrate, apart or together, it’s the memories that matter that most, says relationship expert and dating coach Kateryna Spiwak.

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