Trucker Vaccine Mandate: Tuckers Convoy Headed to the Capital

Truckers Vaccine Mandate: The Convoy headed to the Capital 

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The Past couple of weeks has been a stressful one for the Truckers Association of Canada, due to the ongoing dispute with the Canadian government in regards to Vaccine mandates. As of right now, all Canadian truckers must be vaccinated to enter and leave Canada without having to be quarantined. As of last week, the Canadian border Patrol has been informed to turn away any American truckers without proof of double vaccination. These new mandates have been the main reason for the supply chain’s sudden strain and severe worker shortages. With fewer and fewer trucks being on the road, businesses such as Grocery stores, Lumber mills, and Metal factories will suffer due to the delay in their product deliveries. Uri Khardas, Owner of BUK Logistics Cooperation, moves pre-cast goods from Canada to the United States. As a person who is suffering from these recent events, he first-hand knows why businesses are struggling and has told me in an interview that even though he supports the vaccine and is double vaccinated, he would never make an employee do something that he/she does not feel comfortable with. According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, 10 percent of the 120,00 tuckers who cross the border, may not be able to work because of their vaccination status. As of recent news, The Truckers Association of Canada is pushing towards Canada’s Capital to protest this new Truckers Vaccine Mandate. This protest is taking place so that the Canadian government may reconsider the mandate and allow truckers to go in and out of Canada for jobs, while also being unvaccinated. I asked Uri about how this protest will affect his business and his thoughts on the protest. He stated “The protests are scheduled to happen this weekend, they are scheduled to be a 2 to a 4-day event. I don’t think this is going to affect my operation and the reason is that it will be over in 2 to 4 days. I can manage without a couple of drivers for 2 to 4 days. The real problem is that I can not manage with drivers that are cross border and they cannot cross the border right now because they choose not to be vaccinated for a prolonged period of time. So no whatever is happing over the weekend will not affect my business, whatever is happening because of the movement that driver needs to be vacated does affect my business”. With Truckers from all over Canada set to enter Ottawa this weekend, Canadian Truckers are hoping to change the current government’s decision to allow them to leave and enter Canada while being unvaccinated.

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