Toronto FC Academy goalie using pandemic as training advantage

Written By: Yannis Economopoulos

by Yannis Economopoulos

Eleias Himaras, a goalkeeper in the Toronto FC Academy has not taken the field with his team since August 2020. In fact, Himaras has been home with his family during this time as Covid-19 continues to bring sports to a halt.
As an athlete, motivation and focus is difficult to maintain during this pandemic, but Himaras is looking ahead, “I’ve inspired myself to continue training during this time through self-motivation”, Himaras said, “I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, so I strive to make myself better for when we get back to play”. Currently, Himaras is at home in London, Ontario until he gets approval from Toronto FC to return. To keep in shape, he is working out every day in his home gym, “When this lockdown is over, I will also resume training with my goalkeeper coach to keep up with my technical work so I can maintain and improve my speed and agility”.
Usually, training at home is nothing compared to a professional facility, but for Himaras, it’s just what he needs at the moment, “My goal is to put on mass while in lockdown, because as a goalkeeper size plays a big factor. I plan to return to my team and prove that I can make the best out of difficult situations”, Himaras said.
Before signing with Toronto FC in 2017, Himaras was playing the highest level soccer in the province. He decided to pursue this opportunity because of the professional environment and the future opportunities that come with it. Along with moving his way up in the system, Himaras also made the under-17 Team Canada roster for the World Cup in Brazil during November 2019. Taking the step to Toronto FC has helped him with his game as a whole, his work ethic, and has allowed him the opportunity to make a name for himself on the grand stage representing his country. Himaras continues to improve his play and hopes to make this his career in the future.

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